Mouthparty Food Services

                        Homely food..Dil Se Cooked...Pyar se delivered!!!





Welcome to Mouthparty food services!

When you order lunch from,you are in for a homely treat of north indian food. 

At, the food that we serve would take you back to your mom`s kitchen. 

We @, pamper you with the best of tasty and homely cooked lunch at the comfort of your home,office..

We believe in providing you with the same eating atmosphere that you would have at home.The menu is not fixed and each day is packed with box full of new menu surprises.

The food is cooked by an ex-corporate herself by personally handpicking the best of ingredients. The food can be served in lunch tray to suit a single customer or lunch over meetings/conference and in family boxes to cater the needs of a family.

The food can also be customized to suit the palette of foreign visitors and served in trays for lunch over meetings. Please give a day in advance booking for special requests.

Please call @ 080-69992626 / 080-69994848 to treat your taste-buds at the comfort of wherever you are.